How Do You Earn Points With a Visa AchieveCard?


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To earn points with an AchieveCard Visa prepaid card, make credit purchases to earn three points for every dollar spent, and make debit purchases to earn one point for every dollar spent, as of 2015, suggests Visa. Loading a minimum of $1,000 gives you 1,000 bonus points, which doubles when you load using direct deposit. Having a minimum of 30 purchases also lets you earn 1,000 reward points.

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Visa awards a maximum of 10,000 bonus points if your AchieveCard Visa account is in good standing, which means you need to pay the monthly maintenance fee on time, notes the credit card company. The maintenance fee covers direct deposits, card activation, fund transfers, online banking and other transactions. You can earn 1,000 points in the first month, 2,000 points in the subsequent month and up to 10,000 bonus points after the 10th month.

To earn more points, select an auction item on the AchieveRewards website, and click the Like or Share Facebook button, recommends Visa. Liking an auction item gives you five bonus points, while sharing the item lets you earn 10 points.

Bid on auction items and games on the AchieveRewards website to win merchandise using your reward points, advises Visa. Your bonus points appear on your account on the fifth day of every month for purchases in the previous month.

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