How Do You Earn a Pest Control Certification?


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Earning a pest control certification involves completing a high school diploma program or other program with a value that is equal to a high school diploma, completing courses in pest control and passing the Environmental Protection Agency's exam. However, the certification requirements may vary from one state to another. Additionally, the certification is renewable after a certain period of time, which may vary among various states.

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Although a degree raises your chances of getting employment, high school diploma is enough to enable you become a certified pest control professional. As of 2015, majority of employers employ professionals with a high school diploma or any other education level that is equivalent to a high school diploma. To complete courses in pest control, enrol for the same at an appropriate government body such as an agricultural department within your state.

Pest control courses provide you with essential knowledge of pest control including proper and safe methods of applying pesticide, while passing the Environmental Protection Agency's exam earns you a certificate that gives you permission to practice as pesticide applicator. The certification is a prerequisite for getting a job irrespective of whether you are a private pesticide applicator or a company applicator. To increase your chances of employment, gain experience by undergoing on-the-job training, which is a requirement in a majority of the states.

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