How Do You Earn PC Points With a PC Plus Card in Canada?


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You earn PC points with a PC Plus by shopping at participating stores for the items in the offers you load onto your card and presenting your card when completing the sale, states PC Plus. Bonus points may be added after registering your card online or with a mobile device.

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If you don't load your offers onto your card before you shop or present your card before you pay for your purchases, no PC points are credited to your account, PC Plus advises. PC points are not retroactively granted.

To redeem your PC points to pay for purchase, present your card as you complete the purchase of your items. The cashier may explain to you how to complete the sale. You have to register your card online before your first redemption. Once your account is registered, you can redeem the points you earn for in-store qualifying purchases, explains PC Plus. When you redeem your PC points for groceries or other merchandise, you must redeem at least 20,000 points, which equals $20 in free rewards. If you want to redeem more than 20,000 PC points, you have to redeem the additional points in increments of 10,000 points, each equaling $10 in free rewards.

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