How Do You Earn a NHA Certification in Phlebotomy?


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In order to obtain a NHA phlebotomy technician certification, you must first register a profile with the National Healthcareer Association. You must then register for an exam, and pay the associated fee.

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  1. Create a NHA profile

    The registration form is broken up into three sections: log-in, business and personal information. First, you must enter your email or username and then create a password, which must have at least five characters. Next, select your organization type, such as school or training center, the organization and its location. Finally, you are required to fill in your personal information including first and last name, address, date of birth and any disabilities. Agree to the terms and conditions, and click Register.

  2. Register for the phlebotomy technician exam

    Register for the exam, and pay the fee. As of October 2014, the fee is $105 to register for phlebotomy certification.

  3. Prepare for the exam

    To earn your phlebotomy certification, you must be capable of performing basic phlebotomy procedures, evaluating a patient for his ability to withstand a venipuncture procedure, explaining a venipuncture procedure, and preparing blood and urine samples. A variety of online study guides and practice tests are available for purchase on the NHA website.

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