How Do You Earn Money Online?


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Affiliate marketing, tutoring, craft-making and microtasking are some of the ways to earn money online. Start-up costs are generally low to nonexistent, and sometimes work can be performed without a set schedule.

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One way to make money online is through linking to affiliate websites. Website or page owners post links to affiliate websites, and affiliates pay them a per-click fee or a percentage of any sales resulting from those clicks. Website owners can use sites such as Facebook or Pinterest for free, or they can set up a personal website for a small fee. At Tutor.com, tutors must work a minimum of five hours per week, and they can create their own schedules on a week-to-week basis. Global access makes online earning highly competitive, but sites such as Tutor.com limit their workforce to U.S. and Canadian workers.

For those who enjoy making crafts, selling them online is a good way to earn money. A personal website is optional because online marketplaces such as Etsy and ArtFire offer free accounts to sellers. Both charge additional fees for extra services. MTurk and Fiverr are two online marketplaces where people earn money completing microtasks. Surveys, missing person searches, transcribing and writing are a few of the microtasks performed through such marketplaces. Switching to Swag Bucks lets users earn money every time they search the Internet.

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