Do E-Z-GO Golf Carts Get Good Reviews?

E-Z-GO golf carts generally get good reviews. Reviewers cited the carts as quiet, smooth and comfortable, as well as reliable, low maintenance and environmentally friendly. Owners of E-Z-GO golf carts utilize the carts for moving around the golf course, driving to the pool or shopping.

The E-Z-GO Electric Freedom RXV is energy efficient, has seats with thick foam padding and a wider roof for better protection from the elements, and a larger bag compartment. The E-Z-GO Electric Golf Cart TXT can climb steep hills, even with a full load of passengers. The minimal maintenance involves regular battery and cable cleaning.

However, a comparison with Yamaha golf carts by Golf Link reports that gas-powered E-Z-GO golf carts have about one-third less mileage per gallon of fuel. E-Z-GO golf carts also require more maintenance on lubrication because of their use of oil pumps and filters, whereas Yamaha carts use splash lubrication systems. E-Z-GO golf carts also use metal key switches that may be prone to rusting, compared to Yamaha's use of Teflon- and rubber-covered switches.