What Is E-Prescribing, and Which Software Is the Best?

What Is E-Prescribing, and Which Software Is the Best?

E-prescribing is the electronic transmission of prescriptions from a point-of-care to a pharmacy, and Daw systems and Rcopia are two of the best-rated programs on the market, as of 2015. E-prescribing was included in the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003, and since then e-prescribing software products have received favorable reviews.

E-prescriptions eliminate the possible inaccuracies associated with handwritten prescriptions. The ability to transmit prescriptions electronically saves time and money for both doctors and patients.

A backlog of e-prescriptions constitutes an important aspect of medical history data for each patient. This information may be useful at a later time, especially when a doctor requires some form of clinical decision support.

Under the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003, Medicare Part D requires that drug plans associated with the new prescription benefit must support e-prescribing. Though dozens of e-prescription software products exist, several are already distinguished within the industry, according to Top Ten Reviews.

Daw Systems is the oldest e-prescribing software. It has 14 safety alerts, including drug-drug and drug-allergy, and immediate remote support during business hours. Rcopia is e-prescription software by DrFirst, founded in 2000. The DrFirst team assists clients who purchase Rcopia so as to ease the transition to e-prescribing. Rcopia integrates with any patient management system and raises alerts based partly upon the medical history of a patient. DrFirst offers around-the-clock support.