What Is Dynamic Training?

BodyBuilding.com states dynamic training is defined as an individual workout routine featuring resistance training over the three aspects of intensity, duration and frequency. Dan Gastelu coined the term in the 1970s as he tried to develop resistance training and nutrition routines using scientific methods.

The dynamic training approach changes with each individual over time. Workouts start out in the same general way, with frequent repetitions to get muscles in better shape. As the person's individual body responds, weight training should change along with it. For instance, as arms and legs get stronger, the amount of weight should change in order to build or maintain more muscle groups. Using a one-pound weight at the beginning of an overall program may be appropriate, but when muscles get stronger, a heavier weight is needed to continue to get results.

Gastelu noted that the top athletes of the day were given outstanding weight training supervision but lacked nutritional aspects needed to help their bodies achieve their desired look. The bodybuilding expert studied how muscle fibers respond to the chemical creatine. People respond to supplements of creatine differently, and women gain more muscle from creatine than men.

Gastelu noted an overall successful dynamic training routine takes training, nutrition, supplements, skill, motivation and recovery. All of these aspects must be refined over the course of weight training for optimum results over time.