What Are the Duty Costs Associated With Returning to Canada?


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Duty costs when returning to Canada depend on the total value of the goods being brought into Canada and the duration one has been out of the country. Goods imported for personal use that are marked as "Made in Canada, the USA or Mexico" or not otherwise labeled as made elsewhere, are not subject to duty.

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Canadian residents are eligible for personal exemptions of duty costs, depending on their residential statuses and the circumstances of their return to the country. The traveler personal exemption limits as of 2012 stipulate that goods brought into Canada after a 24-hour absence incur duty and taxes if the value of the goods exceeds $200 Canadian. An absence of fewer than 24 hours does not qualify for personal duty exemption. For absences of 48 hours or more, travelers receive an exemption up to a value of $800 Canadian. Alcohol and tobacco products brought into Canada have particular stipulations as well, including beverage quantity limits depending on the type of libations being transported.

The Canada Border Services Agency website provides detailed information about which products and values are subject to duty, and offers a duty and taxes estimator. EZBorderCrossing.com also provides rough estimates on quantity and value allowances and a duty calculator for general reference.

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