What Are Some Duties of a Travel CNA?

A travel certified nursing associate performs numerous care duties for patients such as helping with personal hygiene, monitoring vital signs, administering medication and changing bandages or dressings. Helping patients perform cleansing and care rituals might include changing bedpans or bed sheets, helping with showers and baths, giving people back rubs and helping them move from one place to another, states Monster.com. Travel CNAs also offer emotional support to patients and provide transportation to various locations.

Travel CNAs essentially perform the same tasks as general CNAs, but they work in different locations instead of from a permanent base. Travel CNAs might work on short-term, long-term or contractual assignments locally, nationally and internationally. Wherever they go, travel CNAs perform health and wellness duties and carry out administrative functions.

In addition to helping patients with cleanliness, CNAs provide nutritional assistance by feeding patients food and water, states Monster.com. They may change patients' positions and help them with mobility exercises. CNAs also administer adjunct care, such as changing dressings, applying cold compresses and using restraints.

On the administrative side, CNAs maintain patients' records and data. They monitor patients' calls and bedside requests and keep a detailed log of vital signs and changes in condition if they arise. As with other nursing jobs, CNAs are bound by strict policies and procedures. To further their skills, CNAs generally take continuing education courses and participate in ongoing learning seminars.