What are some duties of a staff accountant?


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The duties of a staff accountant include schedule maintenance, budget preparation, budget analysis and book keeping, according to Study.com. Preparation of tax returns is also a duty of a staff accountant. A staff accountant who works for an accounting firm has a duty to represent clients on financial matters, including tax liability and real estate.

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Other than accounting firms, other employers of staff accountants include nonprofit organizations, governmental agencies and public companies, notes Study.com. To get employment as a staff accountant, an individual must obtain a bachelor's degree in accounting and one year of experience. The degree runs for four years and covers, among other courses, business communications, macroeconomics, accounting information systems and statistics. One way to gain work experience is to work as an intern in an accounting firm. Additionally, getting employment and working as the staff accountant in one accounting organization for one year or more helps an individual to gain experience, which is necessary when applying for the job in another accounting organization.

Besides the educational requirements and experience, an aspiring staff accountant must have essential job skills, including basic mathematics, accounting principle skills and writing skills, as Study.com reports. Other skills include multitasking, prioritization, ability to use accounting software and computer skills. Depending on the employer, it may be necessary for the staff accountant to have a clean criminal record and pass a test to get the job.

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