What Are the Duties of a Sears Cashier?

Sears cashiers primarily operate cash registers and assist customers with finding supplies and making purchases. Cashiers act as the final stop in customer sales, completing transactions initiated by salespeople on the floor. They possess good communication skills, frequently interact with other employees and customers and show some knowledge of technology, say Sears officials.

Sears cashiers typically work regular hours, usually on a part-time basis. They station themselves primarily at the cash register during the day but may move throughout the store and perform other tasks when needed. Cashiers may help customers locate items they need and respond to customer issues and complaints. They often work closely with sales associates and may share overlapping duties. Cashiers searching for work at Sears must be at least 16 years old, according to the Sears website, and should work well with others.

Cashiers assist salespeople by cleaning dressing rooms in between uses and by keeping merchandise neat and tidy. Cashiers educate customers on return and exchange policies. In addition to these duties, cashiers may be assigned other tasks when needs arise. As with other positions, Sears offers promotions for exceptional cashiers to the level of lead cashier, which gives them some management and supervisory responsibilities.