What Are the Duties of a Salesperson?

The duties of a salesperson include customer communication, customer assistance, demonstrating product knowledge and completing transactions. Communicating with the customer, the primary duty of a salesperson, includes greeting the customer, assessing needs and answering questions. These duties revolve around the ability to provide information and offer guidance regarding specific products. A salesperson must have a friendly disposition and excellent communication skills to effectively assist the customer.

Assisting the customer is a duty that requires selecting the best product to satisfy the customer’s needs. Depending on the circumstance, this duty can include locating a specific product, checking additional stock, finding the right size or special-ordering items that satisfy the customer’s needs.

Demonstrating product knowledge helps promote the value of the product. An effective salesperson must have detailed knowledge of different products and answer customers’ questions. Whether the product is a household item or a vehicle, the salesperson must be capable of accurately describing the product and its features. This may require demonstration of the product and showing how to properly operate the product.

The salesperson must also complete transactions after the customer is finished shopping. In a retail environment, this requires knowledge of a cash register and the ability to handle customer transactions in cash, credit, debit or check. Duties of a salesperson also include bagging groceries or products, handling exchanges, counting register money and separating credit card slips.