What Are the Duties of a Restorative Nursing Assistant?


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The main purpose of a restorative nursing assistant is to assist in restoring patient mobility by performing duties such as maintaining a record of patient health care activities, administering treatments, and assisting in physical, speech and occupational therapies. It is the duty of an RNA to help patients with day-to-day activities, personal maintenance and hygiene, including bathing, grooming and dressing.

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RNAs keep records of all work performed as part of a patient’s treatment plan. RNA duties include cleaning and maintaining medical equipment and the patient care facility. It is the duty of an RNA to clean the patient’s room, change the bed linens, and check equipment such as the catheter tubing and urinary drainage bags.

The specific duties of an RNA vary widely based on the patient needs and nature of the care facility. Some types of treatment administered by an RNA aim to help patients retain the ability to perform everyday tasks, while others target physical rehabilitation. An RNA may work with a physical therapist to restore one patent's range of motion through a progression of mobility exercises, then work on speech therapy with another patient.

The required level of education for employment as an RNA is a high school diploma. Some employers require formal training, such as an RNA, certificate program in order to perform more advanced duties.

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