What Are the Duties and the Responsibilities of Quality Control?


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The duties and responsibilities of quality control include ensuring that raw materials and finished products meet the specified quality standards. Quality control also ensures that all production processes meet the necessary safety and quality standards. Quality control inspectors check all materials delivered by suppliers and record the performance of each supplier.

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Quality control managers ensure that a company's products and manufacturing processes meet national and international standards. They monitor the testing of product samples to ensure that technical staff understand such processes; managers also determine whether product modifications are necessary and supervise such modifications. Quality control managers coordinate with staff from different departments to create comprehensive quality procedures that can be easily implemented by the workers. Quality control inspectors usually identify production problems and meet with workers in the production department to find solutions. In some cases, quality inspectors may recommend changes to specific production processes.

Quality assurance managers train employees in the production department on the best practices, enabling the employees to implement quality standards with minimum supervision. This creates a culture of awareness of quality standards within the company. Quality assurance managers also work with product development teams to create quality standards for new products. Quality control managers typically select the tools and software used by product inspectors to assess the quality of products at different stages of production.

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