What Are the Duties and Responsibilities of a Facilities Manager of a Hotel?

The facilities manager of a hotel is responsible for the operations and maintenance of the hotel. Duties of a facilities manager include providing janitorial services for the hotel, as well as overseeing hotel security. The facilities manager must also handle IT systems for the hotel and any engineering services required.

The facilities manager has an overriding responsibility to ensure that the hotel facilities remain current with state and federal ordinances, such as those dealing with the American with Disabilities Act. Along with maintaining the current facilities, the facilities manager must also deal with any expansion that takes place. These duties range from the design of the expansions in terms of architecture to furnishing the new facilities. The manager must also handle landscaping duties. The facilities manager has the power to work with in-house staff, but is often given the freedom to hire outside contractors to get the job done.

A facilities manager is not always a direct employee of the hotel. The position itself can be contracted out to a firm or individual that handles multiple facilities and has the manpower in place to handle all of the facility's needs. By using outside management, the hotel can save on tracking and paying individual workers, as well as on keeping track of the legal requirements for maintaining or expanding the property.