What Are the Duties of a Registered Nurse?


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Primary duties of a registered nurse include providing basic care to medical patients and advising them on proper care at home, reports the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. When patients first come into a doctor's office or hospital, the RN discusses basic symptoms and reviews the patient's medical history.

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RNs assist doctors in performing basic diagnostic testing to assess a patient's condition. After initially assessing the health situation of a patient, nurses often administer initial care and treatment. They collaborate with other nurses and doctors in treating the patient. In some cases, nurses must make important decisions on the best immediate response to a patient need, according to Nursing World.

When patients receive treatment using medical equipment, an RN is normally in charge of monitoring the equipment. Administering medications and caring for wounds are among the basic care duties of a registered nurse. One of the advisory duties of an RN is to tell patients how to manage injury or illness care on their own, according to the BLS. Patients may need to change bandages on their own, for instance. Also, nurses may advise patients on what to do at home following a surgery or procedure. This post-op direction includes reviewing any directions from the doctor on care and follow-up.

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