What Are the Duties of a Pediatrician?


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Pediatricians are responsible for monitoring the health of their adolescent patients and spend a large majority of their time treating various forms of medical illness among children. They may remain the primary care doctor to a newborn as the child matures into a young adult and are often responsible for monitoring the child's physical growth and development.

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As Barbara Bean-Mellinger for the Houston Chronicle explains, pediatricians are often consulted by emergency room and hospital staff when a child is admitted for serious health complications. This is because pediatricians are usually the most knowledgeable about a child's medical history and can inform specialists of important details regarding the child's health.

Pediatricians can work in a hospital or run their own practice, in which case they are responsible for managing a staff of office workers and supporting nurses. A large part of a pediatrician's job is to work closely with a child's parents or legal guardians to stay on top of important appointments necessary to monitor the child's development. This includes full physical exams, blood work, urine tests, immunizations and dietary supervision. Pediatricians must be personable and have a talent for communicating with concerned parents, especially in cases where a child may be diagnosed with a chronic or terminal illness.

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