What Are Some Duties of the NJ Division of Taxation?


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The New Jersey Division of Taxation is responsible for assessing and collecting individual and business taxes, processing income tax forms, distributing refunds, enforcing compliance and other aspects of fairly administering the state's tax laws. The division is an arm of the New Jersey Treasury Department, which oversees the state's finances, according to the division's web site.

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As part of its mandate, the Division of Taxation maintains a library of tax forms and publications to assist the general public; manages information about sales tax rates, property tax rates and rates of interest on outstanding balances; processes tax payments; investigates non-compliance and supports the public's need for information on tax filing, states the division's web site.

The New Jersey Division of Taxation collects about 30 different types of taxes, the division notes in its annual reports. Income taxes are the state's largest source of revenue, followed by sales taxes and corporate taxes. For the tax year 2013, the smallest amount of revenue came from the state's sports and entertainment facility tax.

The division is headquartered at the state capital in Trenton but operates regional offices in Camden, Fairlawn, Neptune, Newark and Northfield. Normal business hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, as of December 2015.

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