What Are Some of the Duties of a Medical Lab Technician?


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Supervised by physicians, lab managers or medical technologists, medical lab technicians perform duties involving body fluid, blood, tissue and other laboratory tests to help physicians diagnose and treat diseases, explains Study.com. They are responsible for setting up equipment, sanitizing laboratories, preparing specimens for laboratory tests, determining if blood donors and recipients are compatible, and evaluating chemical contents of fluids. Their work also requires obtaining blood samples and assessing immune system elements.

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Medical lab technicians are knowledgeable in using advanced laboratory equipment, such as microscopes, automated analyzers and cell counters, that are useful for detecting microorganisms, notes Study.com. Their duties are less complex compared to medical technologists.

Medical lab technicians work in private clinics, hospitals, diagnostic laboratories and research facilities, and they specialize in immunology, blood banking, hematology and microbiology among other areas, reports Study.com. Pharmaceutical laboratories, medical equipment firms, and blood and organ banks also employ medical lab technicians.

When performing laboratory tests, medical lab technicians use protective gear, such as lab coats, gloves, goggles and masks, according to Study.com. They sometimes have irregular working hours and become available in the event of emergencies. Depending on state requirements, the general requirements to become a medical lab technician include an associate or a certificate degree and a license. A bachelor's degree in medical technology is necessary to become a medical lab technologist.

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