What Are the Duties of a Machine Operator?


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Duties of a machine operator include measuring machine parts, as well as maintaining safety and cleanliness in the working area, according to Study.com. Machine operators also have a duty to ensure that preset production quantities are realized. The operators should also meet certain educational requirements.

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Typically, the work of machine operators involves working quickly on high-precision projects. Machine operators experience exposure to chemicals, noise and manual and automated machines. While working, the machine operators should conform to environmental and Occupational Safety and Health rules to ensure that they meet the employees' safety measures. As a result, machine operators should undergo mandatory training on safety, which help them conform to the rules.

Machine operators use precision equipment to determine the quality standards of the product before they pass it to the next production stage. To avoid possible accidents caused by their nearness to machines, the operators apply safety measures and keep their working environment clean. Additionally, they must note the quantity of error-induced scrapped units and document the information as needed, while trying to meet the production target.

The eligibility for machine operation job requires a person to attain at least high school diploma and a two years of working experience. A candidate should also posses the ability to carry at least 50 pounds and be able to work repeatedly with equipment without sitting down.

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