What Are Some of the Duties of a Janitor?


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Some duties of a janitor or building cleaner include cleaning the building's floors with a vacuum, mop or broom, gathering and emptying trash from the building and stocking the restrooms with supplies and keeping them clean, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Janitors may also clean up spills or hazards, and wash glass, walls and windows, order and maintain cleaning supplies, and change light bulbs or handle minor building repairs. In addition, janitors notify building managers of any needed major repairs.

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Depending on the setting, a janitor may also make minor plumbing or electrical repairs, such as fixing a leaky faucet, notes the BLS. Janitors may also be required to keep the outside of a building clean and maintained. This may entail sweeping walkways, moving grass or clearing a parking lot of snow. The janitor may also be in charge of monitoring the HVAC system, reporting any needed repairs to a superior.

Janitors may use an array of equipment and tools, including mops and brooms, shovels, floor buffers, snow blowers and other tools, reports the BLS. Janitors may work in an array of settings, but most work in institutional facilities, including schools and hospitals. Another title for janitor is custodian.

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