What Are the Duties of a Human Resources Director?


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Human resources directors oversee the human resources departments of companies. Duties include recruiting, interviewing, hiring, advising management on company personal conduct policy and acting as go-betweens for management and lower-level employees.

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Nearly all medium and large-sized companies employ a human resources manager or director. In addition to the duties already listed, a human resources director may review the skills and talents of employees and implement plans around these to increase productivity. They may also administer employee services, coordinate and supervise the work of specialists and support staff, mediate in staff disputes and participate in disciplinary procedures. Attracting, selecting and retaining the best possible employees is a central objective of the job.

Human resources directors can specialize in different areas in larger organizations. Employee relations managers specialize in overseeing employment policies and serving as a point of communication between employees, their unions and management. Payroll managers ensure that expenses are processed correctly and resolve problems or discrepancies. Staffing or recruiting managers focus on attracting and hiring new employees. The staffing director usually leads a team of recruiters.

A bachelor's degree in human resources or business administration is a standard prerequisite for the job. Some years of related on-the-job experience are also usually required.

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