What Are the Duties of a Hotel Room Attendant?

The duties of a hotel room attendant center around ensuring the rooms on the property are clean and in proper condition after a guest leaves and before a new guest takes occupancy. This may include cleaning the floors, making the beds, taking out trash, replacing amenities and exchanging any soiled or damaged components.

The majority of the responsibilities of a hotel room attendant involve cleaning in some capacity. When a guest officially checks out of a room, the attendant begins working by taking an inventory of its current state to identify all the areas that need attention, often by referencing a specific checklist. The attendant may begin by removing all the trash and debris left in the room, and then move on to generally cleaning the space, often by vacuuming the floor and wiping down the surfaces.

The duties then shift to specific actions within the sleeping area, restroom and any other sections of the room. Attendants must replace the sheets and pillowcases in the room with fresh linens, clean the shower and toilet, replace the towels, and stock any kitchenette areas with items such as water bottles or coffee packets. In some cases, the attendant may also visit the rooms while the guest is still checked in and perform some basic cleaning, take out the trash and replace towels as necessary.