What Are the Duties of Hotel Housekeepers?


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Hotel housekeepers clean guest rooms thoroughly, replace empty items such as toilet paper and shampoo, clean common spaces in the hotel and document what they clean. Housekeepers also work in the hotel's laundry room, washing towels and bedding.

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Cleaning the hotel rooms each day is the primary duty of a hotel housekeeper. Each morning, housekeepers load supplies necessary for cleaning onto a cart. As guests check out or leave for the day, housekeepers move from room to room carrying out cleaning duties.

General cleaning tasks include emptying trash cans, wiping down furniture, cleaning up spills or trash, cleaning bathroom surfaces and putting items back where they belong. Rooms where guest are still staying are straightened up and refilled with consumable products as necessary. Rooms being prepared for new guests get a deep cleaning. This includes changing the bed linens, vacuuming and disinfecting the room.

Some housekeeping staff members clean the hallways, lobbies, elevators and other areas of the hotel. The staff sometimes restocks these areas with consumable items such as coffee creamer in the lobby or toilet paper in public restrooms. Other housekeepers run the washing machines and dryers in the hotel's laundry room to supply the hotel with clean linens.

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