What Are Some Duties of Hospital Housekeepers?


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A hospital housekeeper performs duties that vary by hospital, but usually include disinfecting and washing bed linens and emptying trash, performing deep cleaning of hospital rooms, cleaning hospital rooms daily and cleaning up spills, notes PayScale. The housekeeper may also fill cleaning carts with supplies and transport the carts to assigned areas within the hospital.

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Most hospitals only require that housekeepers have a high school education or its equivalent, notes PayScale. Most duties for the housekeeper include keeping patient areas and other common areas of the hospital clean. There are specific standards that hospitals must meet in accordance with regulations, including disinfection and cleaning of specific areas.

Cleaning in a hospital often involves working with other members of the housekeeping department or independently as assigned. The physical requirements for housekeepers include being able to use equipment such as dusters or vacuum cleaners and lift specific weights. Housekeepers must also be aware of the risk of handling or coming into contact with bodily fluids and follow protocol for cleaning up these fluids safely without exposing themselves to danger.

Hospital housekeepers in the United States make anywhere from $7.91 per hour to $14.04 per hour, as of 2015. This ranges from $16,425 to $30,227 per year.

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