What Are Some Duties of a General Manager?

Some duties of a general manager include communicating the thoughts and ideas of superiors to other employees, analyzing situations and decision-making, and disciplining employees. A general manager may also coach employees and help out in the recruiting and hiring process of new workers.

A general manager is the overseer of administrative tasks and someone who specializes in the administrative field. While the specific duties of a general manager vary from business to business, one of their main duties is to pass down communications from their superiors to administrative employees. Many times they are also called upon to make important decisions. They use their expertise to analyze situations and determine the optimal course of action.

The general manager also makes sure that the business retains and hires competent employees. They are often included in the recruitment and selection process, as they have the skills to properly judge potential candidates for a job. Additionally, they may help coach employees on ways to improve, while they also may discipline employees who don't meet certain standards.

Administrative tasks that a general manager may delegate include paperwork, payroll and accounting functions.

A successful general manager typically holds a bachelor's or master's degree in business administration and has taken courses in finance, accounting and management.