What Are the Duties of a Front Desk Receptionist?


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The duties of a front desk receptionist include greeting business visitors and distributing mail. He also acts as an administrator. Typically, such as person must posses good communication skills to converse with visitors effectively.

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What Are the Duties of a Front Desk Receptionist?
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Greeting visitors is the primary responsibility of a front desk receptionist. It involves welcoming guests and responding to their questions. Such questions may concern the products and services the business sells and the operation hours of the business. Greeting the visitors may also include serving them with refreshments. Additionally, the front desk receptionist answers the incoming calls and forwards the calls to their respective recipients.

Mail distribution involves forwarding both the incoming and the outgoing mail to respective recipients. Upon receipt of the mail, the front desk receptionist sorts the items to determine which are most important before distributing them accordingly. The distribution means may include direct hand delivery and placement into an appropriate interoffice mail slot. Additionally, the receptionist weighs outgoing parcels and packages to determine the postage fees and communicates with a messenger service regarding any special delivery instructions.

As an administrator, the front desk receptionist may have the responsibility of creating correspondences, presentations and spreadsheets. Managing the calendars of his seniors, arranging business travels and ordering office supplies may also be part of the administrative duties of a front desk receptionist.

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