What Are the Duties of a Farmer?


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The duties of a farmer typically include raising animals or crops, maintaining land, harvesting yields, using machines and vehicles and selling products to clients. Farmers are typically on a tight schedule and must know when to plant seeds and water, fertilize and harvest plants, as well as how to breed and care for growing animals.

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There are many different types of farms that require farmers to know specific skills. Livestock farms require farmers to breed and raise their own livestock, create pens and cages to maintain their animals and care for their animals by giving them various treatments such as vaccinations and worm pills. Dairy farms require knowledge on how to milk cows, and poultry farms require the building of chicken coops and gathering eggs. All animals require different care and conditions, which means that farmers must research which types of animals they wish to raise and the proper way to keep them healthy.

Farms that grow crops require different skills than farms that raise animals. Crops must be planted, watered, fertilized and harvested at specific times throughout the year. Crop farmers often use heavy machinery and must also keep their soil rich with nutrients so that they can grow high yields each year. Farmers of all types must also act as businessmen in selling their products to gain profit.

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