What Are Some of the Duties of a Facilities Maintenance Worker?


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Maintenance workers in buildings and facilities perform electrical, carpentry, plumbing and painting repair and maintenance tasks on buildings, facilities and equipment. They carry out regular inspection of facilities and equipment to determine areas that need repair, and order supplies and parts required for all maintenance projects.

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Duties of facilities maintenance workers include troubleshooting electrical, structural and plumbing problems, and installation of new and broken parts of buildings and machinery. In a manufacturing environment, they schedule routine maintenance procedures and activities for machinery and equipment, such as greasing, changing work belts and replacing hydraulic fluid. Routine plumbing repairs handled by maintenance workers include fixing water leaks and unstopping sinks, toilets and urinals. Electrical repairs include changing light bulbs and repairing light fixtures.

Facilities maintenance workers carry out general cleaning tasks on an as-needed basis. These tasks include heavy-duty cleaning activities such as waxing floors and shampooing carpets. The workers clean and treat structures such as showers, floors, sinks, walls and other equipment within the office. They also adjust locks on cabinets, closets and desks and change filters on heating, ventilation and air conditioning units.

It is the role of facilities maintenance workers to activate and deactivate building alarms and respond to alarm calls both during and after regular work hours. Occasionally, the workers may need to travel to assist in transporting furniture and equipment to and from the office.

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