What Are the Duties of an Executive Assistant?


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Some of the most important roles of an executive assistant include planning meetings, organizing and maintaining files, planning travel and guest issues, ensuring quality service provision, managing projects and maintaining a professional working environment, as noted by CareerStep. These duties may vary slightly from one organization to another.

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An executive assistant plays an important role in making sure an organization remains profitable or relevant. Below are some details of specific duties of this professional.

  • Planning meetings - from time to time, an organization may have to hold meetings with investors or employees. The executive assistant is responsible for planning and scheduling such meetings
  • Organizing files - files containing important organizational information must be well organized and kept safely so that they can be easily accessed in future. The executive assistant is responsible for organizing and maintaining these files
  • Ensuring quality service - this professional works closely with the chief executive to ensure all services conform to the highest standards of quality. He or she communicates with the chief executive regarding various employees and how they can be motivated to work better
  • Managing projects - an executive assistant may be put in charge of certain projects in order to ensure successful outcomes. The professional is also responsible for researching and coming up with innovative ways of doing things
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