What Are the Duties of a Document Controller?

Document controllers are responsible for duties such as maintaining filing systems for and tracking changes within the documents used in an organization, such as a business or government department. These professionals may work in a document control department or center, notes the Society for Human Resource Management. Individuals who want to do this kind of work require strong organizational skills in addition to thorough attention to detail and the ability to manage projects at a high level.

In addition to filing and organizing documentation, document controllers may be responsible for generating written documents, meaning that typing and other computer skills are a typical requirement for this kind of work. Document controllers are also typically responsible for distributing the new versions of revised documents to the right people in a timely manner, as stated by the Society for Human Resource Management. As part of this distribution duty, document controllers may be responsible for ensuring that no out-of-date documents are still in circulation, which could mean personally collecting and accounting for each piece of outdated documentation.

Document control does not require that professionals have a vast amount of education in the field. Work experience in an office setting and dealing with document control are more common requirements than a college or graduate degree.