What Are the Duties of a Director of Training?


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The training director ensures that business operations related to employee training function well through practices such as planning, organizing and supervising the training programs in the organization, all of which is geared toward meeting key objectives, according to About.com. A training director also guides supervisors on how to treat employees fairly and helps employees adapt to organizational changes.

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The work of a training director has been continually widening as the role of training in an organization diversifies. Training now goes to the depths of ascertaining high quality work, assuring improved productivity, increasing skills and building loyalty in an organization. To ensure that training yields this wide range of benefits, a training director must actively ensure that the training programs are organized and implemented accordingly.

A training director works directly with supervisors to ensure proper handling of employees. Normally, a supervisor is supposed to monitor the work of an employee and align it to the expected work standards. A training director intervenes to equip the supervisor with the right interpersonal skills that facilitate a cordial relationship with the employee, according to About.com.

Training directors are essential in helping employees cope with technological changes, changes in management or organizational structures. They ensure employees implement the changes effectively and employ the right attitude towards the workplace. They achieve this through identifying all employee training needs and incorporating them in the subsequent training programs.

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