What Duties Are Commonly Included in an Events Coordinator Job Description?

Common duties that appear within an events coordinator job description include negotiating contracts for event space and services, working meet budgetary needs and collaborating with clients to develop or implement a theme for each event. The job may also involve a considerable amount of scheduling, frequent phone calls or emails to vendors and creating promotional materials for some events.

An events coordinator meets with clients to discuss the general scope and concept for an event, such as a wedding or corporate retreat, and develop a plan for implementing the production. In some cases, the coordinator may receive a series of explicit instructions for the event, though some clients may need additional help deciding on various aspects, including food and decorations. Once the coordinator receives the job, her role involves selecting a space for the event and creating a contract with the owner to allow access to the facilities at the appropriate time.

The coordinator also typically hires other parties to complete aspects of the event that may include catering food, designing the event space, setting up seating areas or selling special goods. Event coordinators also need to work within the client's budget during the process, negotiating lower rates and discounts when possible to stay within the financial means. Some coordinators may also help promote the event, if it is open to the public, by creating a website or posting ads in relevant publications.