What Are the Duties of a Chairman in Voluntary Organization?

What Are the Duties of a Chairman in Voluntary Organization?

Duties of a chairman in a voluntary organization include facilitating meetings, overseeing committees, fostering community relations and mediating internal conflict. The chairman heads a board of directors which may include a vice-president, treasurer and secretary.

A voluntary chairman creates agendas for board meetings and runs the meetings. The chairman takes into account the needs of the organization and upcoming events to collect information about meeting agendas. He also communicates with committee chairs and members to understand and stay updated on organizational goals and objectives.

A voluntary chairman is responsible for ensuring that all organization activities are in line with its mission, and he participates in strategic planning. The organization’s bylaws indicate the specific role the chairman plays in individual committees. He may be invited to meetings to offer advice or insight, but he is typically not a voting member of the committees.

The chairman represents the organization to the public and greets and interacts with community figures, sponsors and keynote speakers. He is largely responsible for soliciting volunteer hours, services or funds for the organization. A voluntary chairman should be good at networking and creating strong community relations.

Lastly, the chairman is responsible for mediating disagreements and interpersonal problems that may occur within the organization. These may stem from specific functions or events of the organization. A good chairman is able to work with different personalities and create common goals to promote cohesion within the organization.