What Are Some of the Duties of a Caregiver?


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The duties of a caregiver include assisting or performing any task a person cannot perform for himself due to age, mental disease or any injury or other medical condition. Common tasks include assisting with hygiene related tasks, preparing meals and light housekeeping duties. Caregivers commonly run simple errands for clients.

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What Are Some of the Duties of a Caregiver?
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In addition, caregivers may be required to accompany clients to places such as medical facilities and church. They may also be required to monitor the health of their clients, and keep records of any changes. It may also be a caregiver's duty to remind clients when it is time to take their doctor-prescribed medication. In some states, caregivers are licensed and required to administer doctor-prescribed medication to their clients.

Providing adult companionship to clients is another job duty of a caregiver. Often clients are unable to leave the home, and thus isolation occurs. In many cases, caregivers are the only source of regular adult companionship for their clients. The companionship is important because it offers clients breaks in the periods of isolation or prevents the feelings of isolation all together.

Caregivers provide their services to clients who are homebound, as well as clients who have been placed in nursing home facilities.

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