What Are the Duties of a Care Coordinator?


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There are several types of care coordinators with various duties. Care managers help to empower individuals to reach self-management goals, while public health nurses – another type of care coordinator – provide information and skills training to people with complex medical conditions.

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Care coordination involves numerous professionals and is designed to provide the maximum value of services to recipients. Health educators provide valuable health information to individuals and families. They work with other health care professionals either in or out of a health care setting and are responsible for identifying community needs.

Patient navigators help coordinate patient care by helping them maneuver through the process of accessing health care providers. These professionals may include registered nurses or social workers. Nurses help coordinate patient care by scheduling appointments for patients and explaining their treatment plans. Social workers coordinate care by connecting patients with needed resources in the community.

Care coordinators may be specific to medical specialties, such as oncology. They may assist with patient scheduling, billing or gathering treatment history. Specialized care coordinators help patients with significant health concerns navigate through the complexities of the health care system. They also provide physicians with comprehensive historical information and documentation for more efficient patient care.

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