How Do You Duplicate Forms?

Duplicate paper forms by using a photocopier to make a direct copy, or import the initial form into an office computer using a scanner and then print a copy of it. It is also possible to scan documents using a scanning app for an iOS or Android device, then share them electronically or print them via a wireless printer.

Make a duplicate copy of a paper form using a photocopier by placing the document face down onto the glass scanning bed, following the instructions to orient it towards the correct corner to ensure proper image capturing. Most copiers let you designate the number of copies or make color choices.

To duplicate a form using a flatbed scanner, place the document onto the glass in the correct position, connect the scanner to a computer and launch the appropriate importing program. Windows computers can scan documents using the Windows Fax and Scan program, while Macs can complete the process via the Preview program.

Smartphone and tablet scanning apps allow users to create a digital copy of a document using the camera on the device. They then allow users to share the image, export it in a different file type or print over a wireless network.