What Are Duke Energy Stock Splits?


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Duke Energy stock splits refer to the several times that Duke Energy has reduced its stock price by doubling or tripling the number of stocks a shareholder owns. As of May 2015, the company has split its stock five times and most recently did a reverse stock split, according to Duke Energy.

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Duke Energy split its stock for the first time in 1952, when it gave shareholders three shares for each one they owned prior to the split, Duke Energy reports. The company also split its stock in 1956, 1964, 1990 and in 2001, when its stock reached a record high price of more than $94 per share. Each of those years, Duke Energy gave shareholders two shares for each one owned before the stock split.

Stock splits lower the price of a share and enable a publicly traded company to raise more capital for growth, operating expenses and other costs. In 2012, Duke Energy did a reverse stock split by making every three shares worth one, which tripled the value of the company's stock. Duke did the reverse split prior to merging with Progress Energy to reduce the total number of shares that would exist after the merger, according to Duke Energy.

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