What Are Some Drone Manufacturers?


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GoPro, Flight Evolution, Drone America and Titan Aerospace are just but a few of the numerous global manufacturers of drones. As of 2015, the utility of unmanned aircraft has expanded to the domestic scene, a privilege that was previously only available to military organizations.

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As globalization spreads across the seas, the scope of technology increases. Manufacturers such as GoPro are leading the evolution of drones by developing pocket-sized and high-definition cameras in a bid to increase the scope of drone utility. Drones are now used in cinematography, item deliveries and land surveying.

Flight Evolution is an American company based in Colorado that manufactures fixed-wing, radio-controlled and multi-rotor drones fitted with a first person view camera. The company also customizes drones according to a client’s specifications. Drone America is another American manufacturer that specializes in large unmanned drones for military, humanitarian and commercial services.

Recently, Google Inc. acquired Titan Aerospace for a project aimed at providing Web services to the world using cheaper infrastructure. Google seeks to improve on the Titan Solara 5, which has a wingspan wider than that of a jet airplane, by increasing its altitude capabilities to 12 miles above sea level. A comprehensive list of drone manufacturers is available on the UAV Global website.

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