What Drives Success?

What Drives Success?

Attributes that contribute to success include drive, self-reliance, willpower, patience and integrity. Successful entrepreneurs and business leaders demonstrate all of these qualities and understand how to use them effectively.

Successful individuals are more determined than most and possess a level of drive and dedication that propels them past others. This sense of purpose often leads them to take charge of situations to accomplish goals more efficiently.

Self-reliance is another factor that drives successful individuals to take charge of situations. They are comfortable taking on responsibilities and always hold themselves accountable, never trying to shift blame to others. Self-reliance allows successful leaders to make decisions and hold to them, even in difficult situations.

Self-reliance is closely related to willpower, which allows successful individuals to complete tasks without becoming distracted or wavering from the issue at hand. The level of focus and drive that these individuals demonstrate allows them to achieve their goals.

At the same time, successful individuals are calculated and patient, even in the face of major setbacks. Rather than being brought down by inevitable failures and disappointments, they understand that these are a natural part of the process of success, quickly turning their attention to the next goal.

Finally, the most successful individuals possess significant integrity, which informs their personal and professional interactions. They are honest and forthright, not devious and underhanded.