What Is Drivers Alert Network Insurance?

What Is Drivers Alert Network Insurance?

Divers Alert Network insurance covers accident, travel, trip and equipment insurance through DAN Services, Inc., the for-profit arm of the non-profit Divers Alert Network. Three types of accident insurance plans cover a diver who gets into an accident while scuba diving. Trip insurance covers travel and assistance plans for expensive dive vacations. Travel insurance covers multiple, annual trips instead of just one dive vacation.

DAN's travel insurance plan covers losses and unexpected expenses for trip cancellations, interruptions, baggage, sporting equipment, emergency assistance and transportation. Trip and travel insurance both pay for unforeseen expenses and unwanted surprises on dive vacations.

Equipment insurance covers dive gear and camera equipment. These policies cover lost, stolen, damaged or broken dive equipment on vacation, in storage or at home. Dive equipment includes fins, snorkels, masks, buoyancy compensator vests, cameras, regulators, pressure gauges, compasses, lights, wetsuits, knives, logbooks, repair kits, tanks and weights.

DAN Services, Inc., underwrites every DAN insurance policy. The profits from DAN insurance go towards DAN programs and services for members of the network, including third-party insurance plans and diver safety research.

DAN provides emergency assistance and medical advice for people with underwater diving and aquatic injuries. The group promotes diving safety, research and education. These insurance plans are only available for members of the Divers Alert Network.