How Do You Find a Driver's Safety Course to Lower Your Insurance Rates?

How Do You Find a Driver's Safety Course to Lower Your Insurance Rates?

To find a driver's safety course to lower insurance rates, research which insurance company provides the best quote and coverage for your situation, as well as the greatest possible discount. Then research what type of course is needed, sign up for the course, and successfully complete it.

  1. Find the best quote

    Get quotes from several insurance companies for the amount and type of coverage needed. The more quotes received, the more information you have for the following step.

  2. Find the best safety course discount among quoting companies

    Subtract the discount from the price for each. Choose the discounted quote that is the lowest.

  3. Research which courses are approved by the chosen company

    Different driver's safety courses are available for people in different situations. Many insurance companies offer a 10 percent discount for completing an online safety course. Some insurance companies offer discounts for new drivers trained in approved courses. Some courses are geared to towards drivers older than 50 or to people who have motor vehicle violations on their driving record and wish to lower their insurance rates.

  4. Complete the course

    Successfully fulfill all the requirements of the course. Some are online tests that are quite simple, while others require in-car training with a qualified instructor.

  5. Submit proof of course completion to your insurance company

    With some courses, proof of completion may be automatically facilitated by the school offering the course. Other insurance companies may require a certificate to be presented.