What Does Dream Products Inc. in Van Nuys, California, Sell?

What Does Dream Products Inc. in Van Nuys, California, Sell?

Dream Products Inc. in Van Nuys, California, sells a range of apparel and accessories, home and garden items as well as auto and hardware products. It advertises a mix of unique and affordable gifts and essential items.

The Dream Products catalog contains eight main categories of products. Accessories, apparel, and footwear account for three of them. Accessories, apparel and lingerie items range from belts, wallets and sunglasses to seasonal coats, slimming garments and underwear. Unique footwear products including slippers, boots, and sandals can be purchased alongside accessories such as insoles and socks.

The most extensive selection of products appears in the housewares section. The catalog contains baking and cooking accessories alongside kitchen aids and dinnerware items, bathroom accessories and general household cleaning products. Home decor and home repair items are also available.

Lawn and garden, automotive items and hardware products, including seasonal accessories, lighting and cleaning tools, are also sold by Dream Products. Other miscellaneous products such as holiday gifts, pet supplies, and health and beauty products are also listed. Products on sale tend to vary by season, with discounted items featured regularly on the website.

Most products are small accessories that can be easily shipped to households. Dream Products does not charge shipping and handling. All products are sold with a 30-day guarantee. Items sold by Dream Products are shipped the next working day if ordered Monday through Thursday.