What Are Some Drawbacks of Buying Used Industrial Machinery?


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Drawbacks of purchasing used industrial machinery include an increased risk of malfunction, a greater need for repairs and servicing, and little to no manufacturer support. Buying used industrial machinery also presents the possibility of increased maintenance cost, depending on its usage, along with few options for recourse if the machinery experiences issues.

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Used industrial machinery is typically cheaper than new models because each item includes different levels of use, which presents several problems in terms of potential future costs and reliability. As the machine is not new, there is almost no way for the buyer to tell how much its previous owner used it, thus complicating her ability to determine its remaining lifespan. Similarly, it makes it much more difficult for the buyer to gauge the need for service or repairs. Though the buyer may be able to inspect the machine, she must accept the increased risk of parts failure over time.

A used model may also require major repairs to return it to a functioning state, which can result in costs beyond that of a new model. Buyers also need to consider the cost of making certain repairs over time, as used machines tend to break down more quickly than new models. Used models also rarely feature any warranty, which means that the buyer is responsible for the full cost of repairs and is unable to file claims for manufacturer support.

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