How Do You Draw Retirement Disability and Social Security Disability?


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Social Security disability payments are intended for working-age beneficiaries and these payments typically change to retirement benefits when the beneficiary reaches retirement age, as CNN Money reports. Applications for Social Security disability benefits are available online, at Social Security offices and by phone, as the Social Security Administration claims.

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Beneficiaries obtaining benefits from multiple sources typically receive reduced Social Security disability payments, as the Social Security Administration claims. Drawing funds from other public and private benefits programs is possible but results in a reduction of Social Security disability benefits. Retirement disability is essentially the same as traditional Social Security retirement benefits. Disability benefits become retirement benefits without an increase in benefits.

To qualify for disability benefits, applicants must have a disability that interferes with the ability to work and achieve a significant pay check above an amount specified by the Social Security Administration, as CNN Money reports. The Social Security Administration evaluates applicants to determine qualified disability. Applicants must be disabled for five months or more before disability payments begin. Children under age 22 may be eligible for Social Security disability based on parents' earnings, but a recent work test is applied to applicants who became disabled at age 22 or older.

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