Where Do You Find Free Downloadable Will and Testament Forms?

As of 2016, individuals can find free downloadable will and testament forms at LawDepot.com, TidyForms.com, DoItYourselfDocuments.com and UrgentBusinessForms.com. LawDepot.com and TidyForms.com provide state-specific will and testament forms, whereas the other websites provide generic forms.

Websites that provide generic last will and testament forms stress that different states have different requirements for will and testament forms and that a generic template may not meet all necessary state requirements. DoItYourselfDocuments.com, for example, notes that many states require a last will and testament form to be notarized to be valid. UrgentBusinessForms.com provides free downloadable generic last will and testament PDFs for single people and married couples with or without children, along with step-by-step instructions to prepare the document and make it official.

TidyForms.com provides sample downloadable forms for each U.S. state rather than a generic sample document. Some states also have sample last will and testament documents for other individuals for reference.

LawDepot.com takes an individual through a series of questions about what is desired in the will, then generates the form. Downloading the form requires signing up for a free trial membership or purchasing a paid membership.