How Do You Download Tax Forms for the State of Arkansas?


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Tax forms for the state of Arkansas are available directly on the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration website at DFA.Arkansas.gov. Taxpayers can access forms for individuals, partnerships, corporations, and more.

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Tax forms are available on DFA.Arkansas.gov as editable PDFs. Users can download these forms by choosing the Individual Income Tax link on the website, and then selecting the relevant category, or by choosing from the more common categories listed on the website's home page. In each category, forms are sorted by year. As of June 2015, available forms are from as far back as 2012 for individual taxpayers. In the archives, individuals can find forms dating as far back as 2003. Forms are listed with both their form numbers and names, and also note the date on which they were posted.

Once an individual has selected and opened the desired form, he is able to save it to his computer. The editable nature of the files allows a user to type directly into provided fields, fill out the forms digitally, and print the completed files, rather than complete them by hand. Other documents provided on DFA.Arkansas.gov include PDFs containing instructional information and answers to frequently asked questions about such issues as filing requirements, income definitions and tax computations.

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