How Do You Download Minnesota Department of Revenue Tax Forms?

Taxpayers can go to the official Minnesota Department of Revenue website to download current and past-year tax forms for individuals and businesses required to pay state income taxes, as explained on the department's website. The forms are available as Portable Document Format files, a format accessible by using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software program.

The Forms & Instructions links of the individual and business sections of the Minnesota Department of Revenue's main Web page take taxpayers to a list of available forms and instructions for paying taxes to the state for the current tax year. The forms and instructions are separated into sections and listed in alphabetical order by the document's designation. Clicking on the document's link or icon initiates a download of the item to the computer user's desktop, as noted on the department's website.

The PDF tax forms allow taxpayers to fill in the blanks to complete the documents using a computer. The taxpayer can then print the completed forms and mail them to the department. Alternatively, the taxpayer can print blank forms and fill them out by hand, as explained in the instructions for the forms. The Minnesota Department of Revenue also allows taxpayers to pull up forms for past tax years by selecting the relevant year from a drop-down menu.