How Do You Download Form 8949 Online?

How Do You Download Form 8949 Online?

To download a Form 8949, simply go to the official Internal Revenue Service (IRS) website, navigate to the Forms and Publication page, use the search tool to look for the form and then download the form. Form 8949 is the Sales and Other Disposition of Capital Assets form, which is individual taxpayers, partnerships and corporations use to report short and long-term capital gains and losses from sales or investment exchanges, according to Investopedia.

The IRS implemented the use of Form 8949 starting the 2011 tax year to report gains and losses from investment transactions. Among the transactions that taxpayers should report using the form include distributed and undistributed capital gains, sale of a main home, sale of capital assets for personal use, capital losses and disposition of inherited assets. The Form 8949 can prove to be tedious for active traders, states Investopedia.

The following shows how to download Form 8949 from the IRS website.

  1. Visit the IRS website
  2. Navigate to the IRS website.

  3. Navigate to the Forms & Pubs page
  4. Select and click on the Forms & Pubs option on the menu on the IRS homepage.

  5. Select Find All Pubs
  6. On the Forms & Pubs page, locate and the click on the Find All Current Forms & Pubs button.

  7. Use the search tool
  8. On the following page, type Form 8949 on the search field and then click on the Find button.

  9. Download the form
  10. The search should display the download link for the Form 8949. Click on the link to download.